Motiv on Android

The Motiv app is currently available to the general public on iOS only. However, because Motiv has received a significant volume of requests, Motiv is selling Motiv Rings to Android OS users as part of an open beta program. This means that rings will be fully functioning and will pair with select Android phones, but that the free Motiv App will not have the entire suite of functions as the iOS app immediately at the launch of the program.

The following features will be available immediately:

  • Step and activity tracking for walking and running; daily overview
  • Sleep tracking; daily overview
  • Resting Heart Rate tracking; daily overview

Activities and sleep will not immediately be editable or viewable in detail, and you will not be able to delete activities and sleep from your Daily Feed. Tracking of restlessness during sleep will also not be available to Android OS users immediately at the start of the open beta. Users who choose to switch from an iOS device and pair their ring to the Android app will also not be able to view historical data in the Motiv App at the start of the open beta, but will be able to do so as features develop.

The Motiv App will also not be compatible with all phone models that use Android OS during the open beta period. The beta app will only work with the following phones:

  • HTC Google Pixel
  • HTC Google Pixel 2
  • LG Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy 7
  • Samsung Galaxy 8
  • Samsung Galaxy 8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

New features for the free Motiv App for Android OS will be added on a consistent basis as part of the open beta program and they will come at no additional cost to users who purchase a ring.

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