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Motiv is selling Motiv Rings to Android OS users as part of an open beta program. This means that rings will be fully functioning and will pair with select Android phones, but that the free Motiv App will not have the entire suite of functions as the iOS app immediately at the launch of the program.  We appreciate your participation in the Motiv Ring Open Beta for Android. Because this is a beta app, bugs, glitches and data inaccuracies are to be expected early on. The Android team is working on fixes, improvements and new features, and we expect to release updates frequently to improve the beta experience.

Feel free to reach out to us in Customer Support if you have questions, but in the meantime, you can try these steps if you are experiencing a common problem. During the beta version of the Android App, we can’t promise we can immediately help you with every issue, but let us know what you are experiencing and we will continue to prioritize the most common issues first as we improve your experience. Please note these are tips only for the supported devices in our beta program, so if you have an unsupported device, we can’t confirm that we will prioritize your issue while we are still in Beta.

Current Beta App Version 0.5.  Click here to update if you haven’t already. To check which version of the app you have, please tap on the Settings icon in the lower right to go to the Settings screen, then tap on the "MOTIV" logo at the bottom of the screen 4. If it doesn't say 0.5.5680, please download the app update from the Google Store through this link:

Pro Tips:
Please only pair your Motiv Ring with one device at a time.

DO NOT try to connect through your Bluetooth in the phone settings. Please pair through the Motiv App only. The Motiv Ring pairs to your account, not a specific device, and attempting to pair through Bluetooth may cause your ring to have firmware issues.

Getting Started:

If you have trouble getting started (pairing your ring), please try the following:

  1. Open the Motiv app
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the lower right
  3. Tap Motiv Ring
  4. If you see "Pair Ring," go to step 5, otherwise tap "Unpair Ring" then go to step 5
  5. Navigate to your phone's Settings screen
  6. Tap Apps
  7. Scroll down to find Motiv, then tap on Motiv
  8. Tap "FORCE STOP"
  9. Confirm that your phone has a strong WiFi connection
  10. Reopen the Motiv app
  11. If prompted, enable Bluetooth and Location and AGREE/ALLOW all permissions and access requests (Bluetooth, location, photos/files/media/storage) for Motiv app, otherwise you will not be able to pair or sync (we do not track your location)
  12. Insert a Motiv charger into a USB port on your computer or a premium USB wall charger, place your ring on a charger, and keep your phone nearby
  13. Tap Pair Ring and go through the activation process
  14. If prompted, tap ENABLE for location, network, bluetooth, and photos, media, and files (if you aren't prompted it means the settings are already enabled)
  15. The activation and pairing process is complete when you see the screen that says "Put your ring on"

If you get stuck for 10 minutes or more, or get an error message during the activation process, tap ABORT or close the app, go back to your phone's Settings screen, Tap Apps, find Motiv and tap on it, then tap "FORCE STOP" and, if prompted, tap Force Stop or OK, then reopen the Motiv app and try again. It may take a few tries.

    Syncing your Motiv Ring:

    In order to sync, please be sure that you have you have Blutetooth switched on, location services always enabled, and location permission allowed for the Motiv app (instructions below). This is a setting that's required for certain Bluetooth devices, and we do not track your location.

    Please do not try to connect your ring through Bluetooth (your connected devices), but make sure Bluetooth is on, then please do the following:

    1. Navigate to your phone's Settings screen
    2. Tap Apps
    3. Scroll down to find Motiv, then tap on Motiv
    4. Tap "FORCE STOP" and, if prompted, tap Force Stop or OK
    5. Open the Motiv app and, if prompted, enable Bluetooth and Location and agree to all permissions and access requests (Bluetooth, location, photos/files/media/storage), otherwise you will not be able to sync
    6. With your phone nearby, place your ring on a charger to sync or initiate a manual sync by holding your finger horizontally and slowly turning the ring on your finger until the LED is blue

    If you encounter additional issues please let us know. If you are looking at your phone's Bluetooth device list to see if your ring is paired and syncing, it's likely that you will not see it there. It does not necessarily mean that your ring is unpaired if you don't see it listed under Bluetooth devices. This is because the Motiv Ring does not transmit a constant, "always on" steady Bluetooth signal but instead only transmits a brief signal every few minutes. The only way to reliably tell if your ring is paired and syncing is through the Motiv app.

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