October 30, 2017

Sure, we’re getting a lot of press reviews – but what are real customers saying? Hear what users are saying about their Motiv Ring experience!


“This is the ultimate form factor for activity trackers; all should aspire to it.”

– David, CA


“I have been enjoying my ring. such a great way to keep trap of my fitness and sleeping habits. The best part of the ring is that you don’t even feel like you are wearing it!! which is a HUGE plus for me. I’ve always felt that fitness trackers are so bulky and showy that I was put off by it; Given that other than my (old school) watch, I don’t tend to wear any jewelry or accessories. I love the fact that is waterproof and I can wear it anywhere. I practice a lot of water sports, and this is the only way I have been able to track my workouts and practices without worrying about getting my tracker wet or ruining it…Overall I am really impressed and happy with my purchase. I would recommended to anyone that is looking for an easy way to keep track of their fitness for sure!”

– Javier, OR


“I love the ease of use of this device. Great product.”

– Megan, CA


“I ordered the wrong size but customer support was great in allowing me to return it and get the correct size. After 3 weeks of using it I barely know I am wearing it. It’s very light in weight and easy to sync in IOS. The battery life as I see it gets better as it learns your exercise routines I can get just about 4 days of battery life. I like the fact of having a portable charger that I can plug into a USB port and 90 minutes later it’s charged”

– James, PA


“Very convenient for sleep tracking…I do enjoy the active minutes…Love the look and feel of the ring!”

– Dana, NC


“I do not like wearing wrist fitness trackers. The Motiv ring is a perfect fitness tracker for me. It is not intrusive and is extremely comfortable. The battery last for a good three days and the app lets you know if the battery is low.”

– Mark, MI

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