October 30, 2017

Now that Motiv Ring is out in the world, we love hearing your feedback. We’ve heard that you love the form factor – that it’s slim, light and “alternate to that wrist thing” you’d never wear – and that it’s waterproof with a 3-day battery life. Most of all, we love hearing that Motiv Ring is keeping you motivated: “I’ve already increased my goals for active minutes. (not ‘just steps to the fridge’!)”.


“This @Motiv ring is perfect. Battery life was my #biggestfear pushing on it and it’s still giving me 3 days. Slim, light and #waterproof”

– @WinKoerper, Twitter


“Love mine. Tons of compliments and extremely accurate. Thank you for finding me an alternate to that wrist thing I’d never buy”

– Felicia J. Bonser, Facebook


“@Motiv ring is the most noninvasive #fitness #wearable out there, so much so that i forget to charge it !”

– @polyglot_SFchik, Twitter


We’ve also heard that you’d like to see more features and detailed data in the app, like more in-depth health education, access to more heart rate data and greater detail around your last night’s sleep. These upgrades are all on our roadmap, along with a lot of other new features, improvements, and more detailed data. Your Motiv Ring experience is going to get even better with time. We will release new features and functionality regularly through free app and over-the-air, wireless firmware updates.

Watch this space and follow us on social for updates on new features as we work to make your Motiv Ring experience even better.