March 8, 2017

At Motiv we practice what we preach – we’re passionate about our own health and fitness. Aside from our office workouts or monthly yoga classes, we’re all using Motiv Ring to help us meet our weekly fitness goals. Take a look at some of the ways that using Motiv Ring has helped us fit more active minutes each week.

“On Sunday when I notice I’m going to miss my weekly goal, I make sure to get an extra long hike in or if it’s raining I go to the gym and hit the treadmill.” – Anthony, Firmware

“I like walking to work, but I often find it easy to rationalize taking the bus. Motiv Ring inspires me to choose the healthier option more often, and choose routes where I don’t spend a lot of time waiting at stoplights so I can keep my heart rate up. I’m pleased to say I’ve walked to work almost every day so far in 2017.” – Aubrey, Engineering

“Sometimes while everyone’s out having lunch, I’ll sneak a 10-minute midday-miler run to get my body re-energized, keep my metabolism up and maintain my monthly mileage goals for running. It’s a great refresh, de-stresser and way to add variation to the day’s pace, a mile-munch for lunch!” – Lilly, Business Operations

“I go swing dancing with my girlfriend every Thursday night and try not to not take breaks in between dances. Other than dancing…I take lots of fast walks around the neighborhood looking for new homes.” – Curt, CTO and Cofounder

“I used to walk to my workout classes, but now I’ll leave at the same time and jog a few extra blocks because I like getting my heart rate up and earning active minutes.” – Jenny, Marketing

“Having kids is a magical experience. But some days you feel like you just finished a marathon when you haven’t even left the house. Active Minutes encourage me to find ways to make time for myself or find activities that benefit us both, like going for a quick run after they go to sleep or taking my daughter and dogs on a long hike.” – Patrick, Exercise Physiology

“I used to just consider the time I spent at the gym or played basketball as exercise, but the Motiv Ring has shown me how much activity I can rack up in my daily life just by doing things like walking a little faster during my commute.” – Jourdan, Exercise Physiology

“Quickly it seems I grew up, got married, became a dad, and got real busy. In that time, maintaining my health has been more challenging. The ability to see my whole day in the app and the focus on my active minutes helps me improve a little bit each day. Motiv pushes me to find more active time, whether it’s jogging to the basketball court or walking to a further BART stop.” – David, Marketing

“I have noticed as a company we incorporate walks into our meetings. David and I went out for a walk and passed by Andrew and Curt going on one too! Walk, talk, get active minutes!” – Mike, CEO and Cofounder

“When my husband offers to take our baby for a walk to put her to sleep for her nap, I’ll choose to go with him so I can squeeze in some more active minutes – and he and I get to catch up, too.” – Sarah, Marketing Communications

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