March 24, 2017

You can read the most recent shipping update here.

As wearable tech continues to improve – from more nimble software to smaller hardware – we’re on the cusp of a wearable renaissance. Our goal has always been to build a device at the cutting edge of this next wave of technology – a device you truly want to wear all the time. We’ve achieved this with Motiv Ring. We’ve developed the functionality of a wrist-based tracker around your finger: health data in a simple, user-friendly form, without sacrificing style or comfort.

We want to make sure that every unit we ship delivers on our commitment to quality. While we’re unable to share when we’ll start shipping just yet – although we’re still on track to ship in spring ’17 [now summer – Ed.], and hope to share when we’ll start shipping soon! – here’s a peek behind the scenes of the final stages of bringing Motiv Ring to life.


We are learning a lot in real time from our beta testers as we finalize the Motiv Ring and App. This is teaching us both how to improve the health insights we provide as well as how to make insights more actionable.

Beta users are loving Active Minutes as a measurement of their health. We’re working on optimizing the experience around capturing activities and shifting the conversation around health from steps to active minutes – the real beneficial activity. For instance, one optimization we’ve introduced thanks to beta feedback is the ability to log and edit activities to ensure you always get credit for your efforts.

We are also refining our heart health app insights as we believe heart health is critical to the ring experience, specifically your resting heart rate. If one number sums up your overall health and fitness, it’s your resting heart rate. We are focusing on providing insight on how your choices impact your resting heart rate so you can make more informed decisions. For example, beta users are finding it beneficial to see that if they have a balanced diet and try to stay active, they should get better sleep and a lower resting heart rate.


Hardware is challenging for any company, and at Motiv, we’re taking it another step further. What appears to be the launch of one product is actually 14 different products. That’s right, 14 products launching at the same time.

In order for us to serve as many customers as possible with the perfect fit, we are offering seven different sizes and two colors. That means our manufacturing team is working with the factory to manage the size-specific materials and modified assembly processes for each of the different sizes.

Additionally, because our product is so small, we are taking extra care to make sure that we have the quality processes on the line needed. For example, we have added multiple powerful magnification glasses on the line to be able to easily see the assembly step. By changing the current standard manufacturing processes, we are able to achieve the next level of detailed assembly capability.

Next Steps

We have already made substantial improvements as a result from all the feedback we continue to receive from our beta users, as well as from running different manufacturing tests. Motiv Ring is a human-centric experience. The more firsthand feedback we get from people at different fitness levels and with different activities, the more we identify ways to improve your experience. That’s why we are expanding our beta program to continue to get more validation and feedback.

Earning your trust from day one is essential to us. No one wants to get a ring on your finger more than we do, and we’re very grateful for your continued support and patience as we add finishing touches to your Motiv experience. We’re sure you’ll agree with us that the Motiv Ring experience should be as awesome as possible before we ship it to you. We’ll keep you updated with status updates, and rest assured, we will not charge your card until we start shipping. Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they were received.  Motiv Ring is almost here, and it will be worth the wait.