October 22, 2018

Since we first began shipping Motiv Ring a little over a year ago, we promised, and delivered, a fitness tracker that you could wear all day, every day, that would allow you to track important health data in an easy and unobtrusive way.

Since then, Motiv Ring has been an exciting success. We’ve won several industry awards, received excellent reviews from leading press outlets, and have an active and engaged community in all 50 United States and other countries around the world. We are now shipping Motiv Ring to users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates, offering people around the world a device you can wear 24/7 to keep living better.

Because our users wear their rings all day, every day, we’ve realized we can help address needs beyond tracking fitness and sleep, and one of the biggest opportunities we identified is helping our users protect themselves from identity theft.

More than 8 million passwords are stolen every single day, and in the United States alone, that identity theft has cost consumers almost $17 billion. The issue is only expected to get worse. Yet, even with the growth of new options to help curb that theft, it is still really difficult for the average individual to protect themself online by adding additional security measures beyond just a password.

Starting today, you’ll be able to use the same Motiv Ring activity tracking features you were already using 24/7 to better secure your online accounts – including your email addresses, online shopping accounts, personal finances, and social media profiles – without the hassle of having to check your phone or remembering the answers to a security question.

Now, you will be able to use your ring to easily enable extra layers of security using two-step verification. Whereas most services require a cumbersome process in order to use two-step verification, by receiving emails, text messages, or answering security questions to verify your identity when logging into an account, you can now use your Motiv Ring as a way to prove that you are who you say you are by performing a simple gesture while wearing the ring.

You’ll also be able to take your online security one step further and use your own biometric data to verify your identity. Since the way we walk is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints, as you’re earning your active minutes throughout the day, your Motiv Rings will be able to verify your identity.

Our new two-step verification features are available to iOS users today and are available to Android users as part of an Open Beta. If you’d like to join the Open Beta, you can request access here.

We’re going to keep the same best-in-class fitness and sleep tracking features that you love, and will be adding new features on a consistent basis – like the new features we are also releasing today that allow you to set your own step and sleep goals. But we’re always going to be looking for new and different ways to deliver more convenience and information to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re already a Motiv Ring owner with an iOS device, and you’d like to get started using our new two-step verification features, you can check out our support article to get started here.

We are going to be working hard to bring you more features, so please let us know on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, what new features you’d like to see – we love to hear from you.