April 30, 2018



Our development and product teams have been working hard to build new features for the Motiv App. We’re excited to announce that the Motiv App has some new features available that will give you new ways of interacting with your Motiv Ring!

Here’s an overview of a few of the updates we’ve made:

Find My Phone

Scrambling to get out of the house but can’t seem to find where you’ve left your phone? The Motiv App will now make it easier to find. Twisting your ring until you trigger a manual sync and then twisting in the opposite direction will cause your phone to vibrate and make a sound so that you can track it down. Your phone will need to be within range of your ring and have a Bluetooth connection in order for you to be able to use this feature.

To use the new Find My Phone feature, follow the steps below:

  • Hold your finger horizontally
  • Slowly spin your ring in one direction until the blue LED turns on
  • Spin your ring in the opposite direction until the LED flashes in multicolor

This will send an alert to your iPhone that will cause it to start chiming and vibrating.

The alert will last for 60 seconds, so if you don’t get to your phone within that time, just follow the same process to trigger the alert again. You will have to have your phone volume set to anything greater than 0 in order for it to make a sound, otherwise it will only vibrate. If your volume is set to greater than 0, your phone will still make a sound even if the ringer is set to vibrate only. But if your phone volume is too low, you might still not hear it.

You will need to be on Motiv App version 1.6 or above and Firmware version 41 or above to start using the feature. You can read more about updating your ring in our support article here. To update your Motiv App, visit the App Store by clicking here.

You will also need to turn on the Find My Phone notification feature in the Motiv App. To do so, tap on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Motiv Ring’, and you will see an option to turn on the Find My Phone feature. Tapping on the toggle button will activate the feature and you will be able to start using the Find My Phone feature whenever you’ve misplaced your phone and your phone is within range of your ring.


Last Heart Rate Notification

To give you your Motiv Ring data quickly while you’re on the go, we’ve added a new feature that will give you your Last Heart Rate data as a notification without you having to open your app. If you trigger a manual sync by slowly twisting your ring around your finger in one direction, we’ll notify you and let you know your last heart rate reading.


In order to use this new feature, you will have to enable the notification in your Motiv App. If you tap on the Settings icon in the tab bar and then the Notifications button, you’ll see an option to turn on/off Last HR notifications.


Smart Activity List

If you’re using Motiv Ring to add an activity, you’ll notice that we have made some updates. When you go to edit specific activities, you will now see the top five activities that you’ve recently logged, as well as a full list of activities below. This should make keeping track of your exercise a breeze.



We’re going to keep the upgrades coming! If you have an idea for a new feature, please share your wishlist with us – or let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!

Software release notes on all Motiv Ring software updates are available here.