May 30, 2018

Here at Motiv, we continue to make strides to upgrade app capability and functionality, making it even more social, insightful and intuitive, as well as continue to expand platforms, partnerships and supported mobile devices, further advancing how, where and when you are able to engage with your activity, sleep and heart rate data.

Here are some of the new features we’ve been working on:

Find Your Misplaced Phone

We’ve all been there – you’re scrambling to get out of the house on time but can’t seem to find where you’ve left your phone. That’s why we created a Find My Phone feature for the Motiv Ring to make it easier to find. With just a couple twists of your ring, Motiv will make your phone vibrate and start playing a sound so you can track it down.


You can read more about our Find My Phone feature, including the software and firmware requirements, here.

Share Your Stats with Family and Friends

Hitting your Active Minutes goals or getting a great night’s rest is a big accomplishment and we want to make sure that you’re celebrating it and getting the motivation you need. That’s why we developed Your Circle, which lets you share your accomplishments with friends and family by linking your account to the accounts of other Motiv Ring users so that you can check in on each other’s progress.



We will be rolling out the Your Circle feature in June of 2018.

Use Alexa to Get the Motivation You Need

Since we first rolled out our Amazon Alexa integration, we’ve been developing new features for you to get all your Motiv Ring stats conveniently and completely hands-free from your Echo and Alexa enabled devices. We’ve now expanded our Alexa skill features to make her a helpful fitness coach as well, providing you with a wide array of helpful information and encouragement to help you hit your goals.

If you have an Echo Spot, we’ve also added some helpful video tutorials that cover syncing and charging your ring, as well as an overview of Active Minutes and how they are calculated. To access that video content, just say ‘Alexa, ask Motiv Ring how do I charge my ring’, ‘Alexa, ask Motiv Ring how do I sync my ring’, or ‘Alexa, ask Motiv Ring what are Active minutes’ and she’ll play a short clip for you.

You can read more in depth about our Alexa skill, including how to sync your Motiv App to your Alexa enabled devices, here.

View Your Motiv Stats in More Apps

We’re excited to announce new health and wellness partnerships that will bring more value to motiv app and more ways to interact with your motiv data. You will soon be able to export your stats to the Pear Sports app, the Plus 3 employer health tracking app, and the Lindora Clinic mobile app. This should give you a great way to use your data in new and different ways.

We want to hear from you! If you have any ideas for new features, please share your wishlist with us – or let us know on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram – we love to hear from you!