February 14, 2017

We’re proud to be one of the products featured at the reopening of the newly remodeled Target Open House, a first-of-its-kind connected products concept store in San Francisco.

Target Open House is designed to showcase the smart home, IoT products and emerging startups in Silicon Valley. Reopened this past weekend after a two-month remodel, the Open House features a personalized smart home experience. This includes an assortment of smart products for sale and a set of smart products that haven’t even hit the market yet – including Motiv Ring!

Our CEO showing off Motiv Ring to CNET

Target is changing the typical brick-and-mortar shopping experience by focusing on the connected future. A place to learn about both new and up-and-coming connected gadgets, it’s a look behind the scenes at what’s going on in Silicon Valley and the world of IoT. You also have the chance to interact with products from startups like Motiv before they even go on sale.

We’ll be featured there for another two weeks, so if you’re in San Francisco stop by to check out a ring in person. Can’t wait to get your hands on the newest up-and-coming fitness tracker? Pre-order a Motiv Ring today at https://mymotiv.com.