May 14, 2018

We have seen a lot of great reviews about Motiv Ring from both the press and our own users, so we decided to do a deep dive and sit down to interview some of our own users over a period of several weeks to find out what their experience has been like and just why they love their rings.

Here are some excerpts of our conversations with them about life with Motiv Ring:


What did you think of the overall sizing process we use to find your custom fit?

   Jeff Horne, Nashville, TN, @jeffreyhorne

‘It looked really good. The Sizing Set that arrived actually looked so premium that I thought I was going to have to return it instead of giving it away to a friend.’

   Carin Gidney, San Francisco, CA, @gidneyinteriors

‘The box was really nice and slim. The instructions were super clear and straightforward. I knew exactly what to do. I felt confident that I was going to get the perfect fit.’

   Kevin Dugan, Cincinnati, OH, @prblog

‘…I was happy how straightforward the process was once I got the Sizing Set – it was even easier than other home try-on products in this regard. It was dead simple.’


What stood out the most to you when you started wearing the ring?

   Carin Gidney, San Francisco, CA, @gidneyinteriors

‘I’ve never worn a fitness tracker, so I appreciate that the ring is really comfortable to wear. I almost never take it off.’

   Patrick Cook, Colorado Springs, CO, @pcook11

‘I don’t normally wear rings, so it took a little getting used to. But it eventually became part of my hand and when I have to take it off every couple of days to charge, it feels weird not having it on.’

   Jeffrey Horne, Nashville, TN, @jeffreyhorne
It was really surprising to see everyone’s reaction to it. When I told them that my new ring was a fitness tracker, everyone I talked to wanted one.’


What was it like to start tracking your stats and watching your sleep and fitness in the Motiv App?

   Carin Gidney, San Francisco, CA, @gidneyinteriors

‘One of the first evenings I had my new Motiv Ring, my daughter was sick and I was up all night. It was interesting to see that I only slept 3 hours! It got me really interested in learning more about my sleep and I check it every morning now.’

   Jeffrey Horne, Nashville, TN, @jeffreyhorne

‘The app has been very easy to use and I think the data is very straightforward. Having a Daily Feed that is easy to read has helped me get a quick glance at my goals for each day. The clear instructions on updating the app and the ring’s firmware has also made that process pretty painless.’

   Patrick Cook, Colorado Springs, CO, @pcook11

‘When my ring first arrived in the mail, I was really under the weather. It was interesting to me to see things like my resting heart rate and sleep restlessness improve as I got better. I also noticed that I started to get more Active Minutes as my health improved.’

   Kevin Dugan, Cincinnati, OH, @prblog

‘I was really impressed by how capable Motiv Ring is despite being so small. I travel overseas a lot, so seeing my activity and sleep is really interesting and helpful to me. Seeing updates on my ring’s charge level and having two chargers also made it really easy to use while traveling.’


What have you been most interested in tracking with your Motiv Ring? Has the app been helpful in giving you the information that you need?

   Jeffrey Horne, Nashville, TN, @jeffreyhorne
I’ve been really interested in tracking my sleep as well as looking at changes in my heart rate while I am on the elliptical at the gym. It’s also been interesting to see occasional spikes in my heart rate while I’m active throughout the day.’’

   Carin Gidney, San Francisco, CA, @gidneyinteriors

‘I use the ring to track my activity when I’m doing things like fitness intervals, but the most eye-opening thing was seeing how active I am while running errands and going about my day. We have been packing up to move recently and it was amazing to see that just by carrying around boxes I had walked almost 4 miles.’

   Patrick Cook, Colorado Springs, CO, @pcook11

‘I am very active and have used other fitness trackers for things like running and cycling. I think my Motiv Ring has been really helpful to track things like running and cycling, and I think it has been very accurate and helpful in tracking those activities.’


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