November 22, 2017

Still searching for the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season? Check out what leading media have to say about gifting Motiv Ring, the #GiftOfFitness:

From Wall Street Journal:

“Our Favorite Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts 2017. This holiday shopping season, don’t just throw money at things because they’re marked down. Instead, buy gifts that retain value. Here are the gadgets we’ve lived with and loved over the past year. ”

From GQ:

“Fitness Gift Ideas for Guys Who Live at the Gym (or Just Pretend to): Got a ‘fitness tracker’ picking up dust in a drawer somewhere? Join the club. This ring (yes, a ring!) from Motiv ($199) nails the essentials—heart rate, sleep quality, activity tracking—without looking like a tracker at all. Which means whoever you gift this might actually wear it. Bonus: their significant other will appreciate you giving them a ring to wear to the gym.”

From Men’s Fitness:

“The best tech-infused gear for working out…the latest in tech is all about stealthier smarts that don’t take a Ph.D. to operate.”

From Outside:

“The Best Fitness Trackers of 2018…less obtrusive while also impressively accurate”

From Rolling Stone:

“Gift Guide: ‘Neat Stuff’ guide…Who Needs a Smartwatch When You Can Have a Smartring? The one true ring. Fitness trackers range from complex smartwatches to subtle wrist bands or clip-ons. Motiv ($199) does one better with its fitness ring.”

From People:

“Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Type of Fitness Junkie in Your Life”

From InsideHook:

“For the body hacker…A wearable fitness tracker that’s small in size but big in functionality”

From The Zoe Report:

“Tech Gifts So Cool You’ll Want Them For Yourself…super-cool products that will make you the hero of the holiday season…This sleek ring tracks your fitness—number of steps, calories burned—and your sleep duration. It’s one tenth the size of its closest competitors, and its battery lasts three days. Plus, it’s pretty.”

From Hello Giggles:

“Athleisure gifts for your friend who loves to look glam while working out…The tiniest fitness tracker. Show them you’re married to the game.”

From The Observer:

“Best Tech Gifts to Snag…After years of wearing fitness bands from Jawbone and Fitbit, I finally have my wrist back…it’s hard to beat the simplicity.”

From Chicago Tribune:

“Gifts for the tech-savvy crowd…Want a smart accessory, but don’t have wrist space for a bracelet or watch? Snag a Motiv smart ring. It can check your pulse, monitor your sleep and track your daily movement (even underwater) — all while only taking up less than a centimeter of your finger.”

From Time Out New York:

“Coolest tech gifts for the holidays”

From JustLuxe:

“Luxury Tech Gifts to Grab Just in Time for the Holidays…a stylish, lightweight and waterproof ring that measures all the metrics you care about—activity, heart rate and sleep.”

From Livestrong:

“The Best Healthy Holiday Gifts to Give and to Receive…The Motiv Ring fitness tracker ($199) is the perfect gift. This comfortable unobtrusive ring tracks your activity and sleeping patterns, and it’s waterproof so can be worn at all times of day”

From GeekDad:

“Our favorite gadgets and tools…Motiv is the perfect solution!”

From TechStyle NYC:

“Guys’ Gift Guide: You’ll need the Motiv Ring to manage your health during this holiday season!”

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