February 10, 2017

February is American Heart Month, when we raise awareness of heart disease. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. The good news: with healthy life choices, physical activity and diet, we can prevent most forms of heart disease.

Heart rate tracking is key to understanding your overall health and preventing heart disease.

From providing insight on your workouts to monitoring your recovery, Motiv Ring gives you the heart rate data you need to make healthier, more informed choices, without strapping something to your chest or wrist.

Resting Heart Rate

Resting heart rate (RHR) is one of many critical measurements that can determine your overall health. Motiv Ring tracks your RHR every night and shows how you’re trending over time. Because it’s comfortable and won’t disrupt your sleep, we’re able to collect your RHR while you’re sleeping, which is the best time to get an accurate reading. It’s important to keep an eye on your RHR, as sudden changes could signal different things. For example, overtraining, dehydration, or stress levels could all cause your RHR to increase. On the other hand, increased aerobic activity and better sleep habits can lower your RHR. You can track your resting heart rate clearly and easily on the Motiv app and use that data to make more informed decisions.

 Active Heart Rate

Motiv Ring is capable of tracking your heart rate during workouts to provide insight into how hard you worked out. You can use this data to see where you have room to push yourself, as well as which activities are actually making improvements to your health. By including your heart rate data in our calorie burn calculation, you’ll also get a more accurate view of how many calories you burn both during a workout and throughout the day.

Whether your health goal is to be more active, sleep better, lose weight, or just be healthier, having insight into your heart rate will help you get there.  Learn more about the capabilities of our heart rate sensor here.