February 17, 2017

We started Motiv because something fundamental was missing from the wearable fitness tracking experience. Wearing a fitness tracker meant you had to trade style and comfort for a few hours of data-heavy insights and metrics. To get a comprehensive 360-degree picture of your health, fitness, and sleep activity, we had to develop a product that you’d never want to take off. Your body never stops working — neither should your fitness and sleep device.

Getting the Full Picture

A healthy lifestyle consists of more than just eating healthy or working out. Your body’s day is 24 hours, so you need to see a full 24-hour day in order to truly get a snapshot of your health. To take your fitness or productivity to the next level, you just can’t ignore sleep. We all know that sleep is important, but it’s surprising how often people overlook it. The science is pretty clear: getting enough quality sleep has positive effects on our health. Sleeping right can prevent illness, increase energy levels and productivity, and improve brain function. So, while sleeping might not be the sexiest part of your fitness plan, it’s a key component to understanding your overall health. Any worthwhile health and fitness tracking device must provide a good sleep tracking experience to give the whole picture.

Understanding Your Sleep Life

We designed Motiv ring to track your sleep accurately and consistently — not from when you go to bed, but from when you fall asleep. By monitoring your resting heart rate, and providing concise and useful data, we help you create a detailed picture of your sleep habits. Our app was designed to give you information you can work with, not just a bunch of data points that are impossible to understand. What does a good night or bad night’s sleep look like for you? By looking at how many times you woke up, how long you were awake for, and when you fell asleep and woke up, Motiv is able to give you an easy-to-interpret snapshot of what’s happening to you when your head hits the pillow.

Most importantly, the size and comfort of the ring makes it easy to wear at all times; what good is a sleep tracker if you don’t wear it night in and night out? The beauty of Motiv is that you won’t even know it’s on while you sleep (and neither will your partner, since there’s no annoying display to wake them up). Finally, a fitness tracker that is truly an integrated part of your lifestyle. Wearing your Motiv Ring every night is important, because when it comes to sleep, consistency is key. Maintaining a regular bedtime and a good average of hours per night across days and weeks are some of the best ways to improve your sleep quality, and a sleep tracker that you can wear all the time makes it easy to keep up good habits and watch for patterns.

Motiv Ring is great in bed. See for yourself and get yours today.