December 15, 2017

Whether it’s the sleek design, tracking the things that matter most to your health or our dedicated customer support team, we have seen no shortage of praise from folks around the web for Motiv Ring. Here are just a couple of our favorite features people love.

Sleek and Sexy in a Small Package

Two goals with Motiv Ring were to design a product that doesn’t just function well, but is also comfortable to wear and discreetly integrates into your wardrobe. So many fitness trackers are bulky, rubber and require you to retire your watch or bracelet.


We wanted users to have a fitness tracker that would measure all of the metrics that are important to them while still small, sleek and subtle.


Track the Activity that Matters Throughout Your Day

While we count steps and calories like other fitness trackers, we recognize that improving overall health is all about getting your heart rate up. That’s why we focus on Active Minutes in addition to steps so that you can track activities that contribute to your health throughout the day.

Using Active Minutes as the total measure of success means that Motiv Ring is highlighting what really matters to your health whether you are simply walking around town, playing with your kids or getting in a quick workout.

Set It and Forget It

We designed Motiv Ring to be as unobtrusive as possible. Our goal is both to match your personal style and track your activity throughout the day. We packed in as much battery life as possible, despite our micro form factor, so that you can get three days out of a single charge and added onboard memory so that you can be independent of your phone, allowing you to go about your routine while your ring works in the background.

Customer Service That Goes Above and Beyond

From questions about ordering or sizing to a charger that goes missing when you need it most – our customer service team works hard to take care of you quickly and make sure your experience with Motiv Ring is excellent.

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