June 7, 2017

Today you can find countless different wearables. They come in watches, wristbands, headbands, earbuds, you name it – and each one serves a different purpose. Some focus on sleep, some deliver notifications, some deliver every data point under the sun. We know there are a lot of great products out there, and we’re not saying you have to ditch your smartwatch or chest strap. Let’s dive into the stories of three Motiv beta testers, and show you how well Motiv Ring can play with some of the other wearables out there.

We’ll start with Jennifer, the super-connected new mom of the beta group who loves her Apple Watch for serving notifications all day long. She wants to know the second some baby pictures get sent from the nanny while she’s at work. But at night when it’s time to charge her watch, Jennifer relies on Motiv Ring to capture how long (or little) she slept.

Peter is the bodybuilder of the beta group. He goes to the gym to do some heavy weight-lifting a couple days a week and wears his Polar chest strap to get the detailed heart rate data he needs. But once he leaves, that strap stays at home until his next trip to the gym. For the rest of the time – from the walks from the train to the weekend hikes – Peter uses Motiv Ring to get a complete view of his weekly active minutes. At night it tracks his sleep and resting heart rate, giving him an idea of how he’s recovering.

Jourdan is the outdoor junkie who won’t leave for a run or hike unless he’s got his Garmin watch to map his whole route. After a full day of GPS tracking, there’s not much battery life left to track anything else. That’s where Motiv Ring comes in. It tracks his hikes but also tracks the rest of his day and night. And, his Ring is allowed out on date night whereas the Garmin has to stay at home, wife’s orders.

While Motiv Ring won’t tie your shoes or walk your dog for you, for those who’ve ditched wearables for their lack of wearability or who are ready for a more 24/7 tracker, we’ve got you covered. We designed the Ring to blend into the background, to provide the data you need only when you want it, and to be stylish enough to always be with you.