October 20, 2017

We’ve developed the functionality of a wrist-based tracker around your finger: health data in a simple, user-friendly form, without sacrificing style or comfort. There’s no other fitness tracker with a ring form factor that shares our functionality in a compelling design.

Always on

Unlike other fitness trackers that need to be charged daily, or are too bulky to comfortably wear to sleep, or are too flashy for everyday wear, Motiv Ring is far more wearable – it’s out of your way, seamlessly integrating into your life.

Beyond a step tracker – a fitness tracker

While other trackers may measure Active Minutes, Motiv Ring prioritizes Active Minutes over anything else, because that’s the activity that has proven health benefits, that contributes to your cardiovascular health. While we still display steps counted, distance traveled, and calories burned, those are not the metrics that really count towards improved health.

Custom, personalized fit

Our variety of sizes and at-home sizing set process make it easy to find the perfect size for you. A snug fit is important to getting good data, and a comfortable fit makes it easy keep on all the time so you actually get your data.

Functionality in a ring form factor

Wrapped in an ultralight titanium shell, Motiv Ring is comfortable, durable and stylish. While sleeker and more incognito than other wearables, we don’t sacrifice functionality for size – we’re waterproof up to 165 feet and are able to provide both resting heart rate and active heart rate.

Streamlined charging

Say goodbye to bulky charging docks and cords. While so many wearables have an arduous charging process, we include two mini USB charging adaptors that make charging a breeze. And with a 3-day battery life and a full charge in 90 minutes, you won’t be charging all the time.

Informed but not overwhelmed

We don’t overload you with a constant stream of data, we give you digestible and actionable information. And unlike wearables that can scold you for missing a daily goal, we automatically adjust daily targets based on your progress so far to keep motivating you to achieve your weekly goals.

Whether you find a fitness tracker on the wrist too cumbersome, or you find other wearables to be clunky eyesores, or you want to keep your wrist free for more stylish accessories, or you’re looking for something more discreet – Motiv Ring is the wearable you’ve been waiting for.