October 20, 2018

How we walk is unique and important

How you walk, or your “gait”, and the pace at which you normally walk, is a distinguishable a fingerprint, which makes it an excellent candidate to use as a security measure. That is why, as part of its new suite of security features, Motiv Ring now has a feature called WalkID which allows you to use your gait as a way to verify that you are who you say you are when accessing your accounts online.

Motiv Ring is pushing the boundaries

Analyzing a person’s gait has typically been used only in limited applications. For instance, gait has often been used by physical therapists in sports and exercise medicine as a tool for preventing injury, improving performance, or even monitoring recovery after an injury. Some even consider gait as the ‘sixth vital sign’, in addition to things like blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature, that can clue doctors in to the state of your health.

WalkID is unique in that it does not use visual technology to determine your gait. Whereas a physical therapist might use a complex system of cameras to build a 3D model of how you walk, Motiv Ring is able to use the data it is already collecting on your activity throughout the day. Instead of using cameras, Motiv Ring uses the same accelerometer it uses to detect your movement to establish that your ring is being worn by you.

WalkID is an optional additional layer of protection – and you’ll also be able to choose from additional forms of biometric identification for added protection, like adding requiring fingerprint identity and/or facial recognition through your phone as an added layer of security.

How you can use WalkID

Extensive research and testing went into developing this sophisticated feature. We’ve studied thousands of walking sessions to weed out false positives and make sure that WalkID is able to establish whether a ring owner is the person wearing the ring. WalkID is currently an Open Beta feature, which will allow us to collect thousands more walking sessions to continue to finetune our WalkID feature.

You can request to join the Open Beta here, otherwise WalkID will be available to all Motiv Ring users soon.

If you have any questions about WalkID, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or email us at hi@mymotiv.com. If you want to learn more about Motiv’s other online security features, you can also read our blog post on our two-step verification feature here and our blog post on our password-less login efforts here.