May 25, 2018

We designed Motiv Ring with the idea that you should be able to track your activity and sleep without compromising your personal style or make major changes to your daily routine. In that spirit, we’ve made some updates to our Alexa integration to give you even more convenience and hands-free access to the data that is most important to them.

With Motiv Ring, you will now have access to information about how active you’ve been each day and how long you’ve slept, but also fitness coaching, nutrition advice, and tips for a better night’s sleep – all with the ease of asking Alexa from your Echo and Alexa-enabled devices.

Steps and Active Minutes

Whether you are out for your morning jog or simply out running errands, Motiv Ring is automatically detecting your activity throughout the day and using your movement and heart rate to calculate how your activity is contributing to your overall health.

When you ask Alexa for your stats, she’ll report back on not just how many steps you’ve taken that day, but also how your activity contributed to your health, as well as give you some tips on how to integrate more activity into your busy life and hit your fitness goals.

Calories and Distance

Motiv Ring tracks much more than how many steps you’ve taken or how active you’ve been that day. You can also get data on how far you’ve traveled or how many calories you’ve burned while being active.

Next time you are walking through the door at the end of the day, try asking Alexa for your Motiv stats and she’ll give you a full report on how far you traveled that day and how much energy you used, and also guidance on good nutrition to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Sleep Duration

Motiv Ring automatically detects when you fall asleep every night, giving you one less thing to do before you head hits the pillow, and also automatically detects when you wake up every morning. With Motiv’s new Alexa features, every morning you can ask Alexa to get a full report on how long you slept, your resting heart rate, and how restless you were the night before, as well as helpful advice on how to get more restful sleep throughout your week – all without getting out of bed to grab your phone.

Heart Rate

Getting your heart rate up every day is a key point of preventing heart disease and stroke. That’s why Motiv Ring measures your heart rate throughout the day and gives you your last heart rate measurement every time you sync your ring. Next time you’re curious about your heart rate, just ask Alexa for your Motiv stats and she’ll let you know what your last heart rate measurement was.

Video Tutorials

If you have an Echo Spot, we’ve also added some helpful video tutorials that cover syncing and charging your ring, as well as an overview of Active Minutes and how they are calculated. 

Linking the Motiv App to an Alexa Device

In order to link the Motiv App to an Alexa device, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Alexa app and tap on ‘Skills’ in the main menu and search for ‘Motiv Fitness Data’
  • After opening the Motiv Fitness Data skill in the app, tap ‘Enable’ to begin linking the Alexa device and Motiv App

After tapping ‘Accept’, Alexa will link the activity data captured by that Motiv Ring and she will report them back when prompted by the request, ‘Alexa, ask Motiv Ring for my…’.

If you are using an Alexa-enabled device that has a video screen, we’ve also added a few tutorials that answer some frequently asked questions about Motiv Ring. The videos currently cover the following topics:

  • How to sync your Motiv Ring to the Motiv App – just say “Alexa, ask Motiv Ring ‘how do I sync my ring?'” and she will play you a short video on syncing.
  • How to charge your Motiv Ring – just say “Alexa, ask Motiv Ring ‘how do I sync my ring?'” and she will play you a short video on charging.
  • How and why Motiv Ring tracks Active Minutes – just say “Alexa, ask Motiv Ring ‘what are active minutes?'” and she will play you a short video that explains Active Minutes.

To read more about the Amazon Alexa integration for the Motiv App, check out our support article here. To view the Motiv Fitness Data skill for Alexa and integrate Motiv Ring data, click here.

We are going to be working hard to bring you more features to use with your Alexa-enabled devices, so please let us know on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, what new features you’d like to see and what advice or other health information would be helpful to you.