February 11, 2019

Motiv Ring has expanded its security offering to include Face ID and Touch ID on the Motiv app, now available on iOS via software update.

Securing your online identity is more important than ever in today’s increasingly digital world. Motiv Ring’s sleek, lightweight, and waterproof form is designed for 24/7 wear, allowing it to provide unique biometric insights that can be used to verify your identity online.

In October, we announced new security features including Two-Factor Authentication, to protect your online accounts – everything from email to banking and personal finance – from identity theft. Our goal was to make online security management accessible, routine, and easy to implement for all of our customers.

Now, Face ID and Touch ID will provide an additional layer of security. Here’s how it works.

Configure biometric security options through Motiv → Settings → Security

Enable a biometric security setting, and/or a fallback method such as PIN or Password

The Motiv app will prompt you to verify your biometric identity

Or you can enter your PIN or Password instead

Once set up, you’ll be able to use the Touch ID or Face ID features built into your phones to further protect your online identity with biometric-backed two-factor authentication.