July 17, 2018

Motiv pioneered microtechnology to create one of the smallest wearables available with the goal of offering a fitness and sleep tracker that users would never want to take off. Through the integration with Validic, Motiv Ring affords organizations an opportunity to implement corporate health and wellness programs by giving participants a piece of technology that is comfortable, easy to use, and looks great.

“Organizations can struggle with consistently tracking the health data of wellness program participants because they haven’t been able to offer a device that can be comfortably be worn all the time – day or night. Many fitness trackers are bulky, need to be charged daily, or simply don’t look great in every situation,” said Eric Strasser, co-founder and Head of Business Development. “We’re delivering a solution that allows everyone to monitor their well-being with a wearable that is truly wearable and will keep people consistently engaged.”

Through the integration of the Validic platform, wellness companies and their participants will have the ability to track the stats that matter most, to help promote cardiovascular health, monitor their sleep trends, and allow them to set their own goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

“Simply put, companies need to be invested in the holistic wellness of their employees,” said Strasser. “Fostering a culture of health and wellness and having employees define their own vision of a healthy lifestyle, keeping those people engaged through strong wellness programs, and celebrating the success of each individual is so important. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are always more productive. They are the cornerstone in making any organization a great place to work.”