March 5, 2018

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Motiv Inc. as Chief Executive Officer. Motiv is an amazing, fast-growing company in the heart of San Francisco. The company is defined by a world-class team of hardware engineers and software veterans, and I’m honored to lead a team that is reimagining the future of what wearables can be.

Motiv shipped their first product, Motiv Ring, September 2017, just a mere five months ago. It’s always a vulnerable moment to put a product out into the world — full of questioning, belly aches and sweat — but the reception Motiv Ring has received has been overwhelmingly positive. Venerated technology columnist Geoff Fowler referred to it as “an engineering marvel.” To pack power, functionality and beautiful design all into one tiny form factor is a huge accomplishment. But the most exciting part is that we’re continuing to push forward to expand those capabilities to bring our users an even better and more functional product.

I believe that, at Motiv, we are capable of doing even more. It is my hardware loving soul; hardware is my kryptonite. It is the appetite for a challenge that has fueled my own professional career in hardware from companies like wearable technology company Basis to most recently smart home company August Home.

My vision for Motiv is clear. I want to make our products so functional and necessary, if you left home without your Motiv Ring, you’d go back to get it. My team has already begun this journey. We have built-in expertise in miniaturization; we have data scientists who understand patterns in behavior. We have the very best designers who won’t sacrifice aesthetic for functionality. Together we’re working towards the future and asking, how can we become a part of every minute of your day?

Stay tuned. I’m excited.

– Tejash Unadkat, CEO