February 23, 2017

As one of the first companies to take fitness tracking away from the wrist and onto the finger, we had a lot of unknowns to verify when it came to data. That’s why our team of exercise physiologists and data scientists have spent years collecting data, comparing it to other sources, and fine-tuning our algorithms – and we will continue to do so. With a testing pool full of employees, beta testers, and student volunteers, there’s no shortage of data to look at.

Heart Rate
We worked hard to fit a heart rate sensor into such a small space, and once we did, we put it to the test. When it comes to heart rate data collection, the list of activities to test goes on and on. This means we may ask the Motiv team to simply wear a chest strap around the office and collect heart rate data while sitting at their desks. Or, our cofounders might end up on the treadmill running intervals, trying to get their their heart rates up as high as possible. Occasionally we’ll switch it up with a game of Motiv basketball.

With step tracking, we had questions to solve for that other wrist-based devices didn’t have. We had to make sure that activities like typing, using a pencil, or even brushing your teeth didn’t record as steps. So just like heart rate testing, this meant Motiv team members collecting data around the office with a foot-pod on, hopping on the treadmill, even starting an office-wide competition that rewarded the person with the most activities tracked. By training the ring to look for certain movements that may look like steps but aren’t, we’re able to weed out those activities that might fool other fitness trackers into thinking you’re walking.

Last but not least is sleep tracking. Keeping a sleep journal, recording any middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks, and occasionally sleeping with a chest strap are all fair game when it comes to sleep data collection. Way back while still in prototype mode, this required sleeping with these biker gloves. They were a nice way to wrap up date night.

We get asked all the time, how can the ring tell when we’re sleeping versus just watching a movie? Well, things like suiting up the Motiv team for some data collection and taking a field trip to the movies help us answer that question. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our algorithms, to ensure we deliver the best experience possible.

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Working hard or hardly working? This is Motiv data collection at its finest. #MyMotiv

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