March 8, 2018

Our developers are always working hard to bring updates to the Motiv App that will improve our users’ experience and provide new ways of interacting with all the data Motiv Ring collects. We have reviewed all of the feature requests that our users are asking for, and we are excited to announce that based on this, we have released the following updates to the Motiv App:

Integration with Apple Health:

The Motiv App will now give you the ability to export your data to the Apple Health app. You will be able to export data on your step-based activities and heart rate from the Motiv App and aggregate all of your fitness information in the Apple Health App. From there, you can view it in new and different interfaces, including a graph of your heart rate all day and steps over time.

In order to sync the Motiv App with Apple Health, tap on the ring icon in the top left corner of your app to open the menu and tap the item that says ‘Apple Health’ (pictured above).

You will be prompted with a screen that will have you confirm whether you want the Motiv App to have access to Apple Health. You will also be able to select whether you want to export heart rate or step data to Apple Health. Once you’ve made your choice, the Motiv App will begin exporting all of your data into the Apple Health app.

Social Sharing:

The Motiv App now allows you to share your achievements and milestones across all of your social networks and with the contacts in your phone directly from the app. Did you just finish a run and hit your Active Minutes goals for the day? A quick tap within the interface will allow you to post your achievement to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, as well as take a picture and include a personalized status update.

To share your activity, in the Activity Detail card, tap the share icon (the box with the arrow pointing upwards in the top right corner of the app). The Motiv App will open a screen that will show you a preview of your post, which will allow you to take a picture within the app or select a photo from your library (pictured below).

Once you’ve decided on your photo, you’ll be able to choose which social networks or contact you want to share your activity to. You will be able to review your post and enter your own custom message and hashtag, and the Motiv App will then share your post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or to your personal contacts.

Activity Detail Improvements:

When viewing an Activity Detail card, you can now press and hold within the card to view richer, more detailed information, such as minute-to-minute readings of your heart rate and steps, and cumulative stats of your calories burned, and distance, for that activity.

Sleep Edit Improvements:

For those who want to go back and edit their sleep data, we have made the process even easier. You will now be able to tap and drag the selector tabs above the sleep graph in your Sleep Detail cards to adjust the time you went to fell asleep and the time you woke up in the morning.

We’re going to keep the upgrades coming! If you have an idea for a new feature, please share your wishlist with us – we love to hear from you!

Software release notes on all Motiv Ring software updates are available here.