February 28, 2017

We’re catching up with Motiv’s Head of Product, Kris Perpich. In a previous life he was a college basketball player turned architect, but these days he leads the team that’s building the Motiv product experience. From the app design, to the data presentation, to the feature set, there’s a lot of coordination needed amongst various teams to bring this product to life. His belief in a future where technology is transparent to how we live has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today.

What did you do before joining Motiv?

I’m an architect by trade and built buildings for five years. I loved orchestrating all the moving pieces that result in the experience for people when they walked into a building, but I wanted to move faster. I saw a future where the hardware and software were coming together to deliver these really rich experiences and I knew that is what I wanted to do next. I went to Xbox and joined a group tasked with looking three to five years ahead to find products that sat at the intersection of where technology was going and what people needed. Then, at a family reunion my brother-in-law and I decided we wanted to try ‘that Kickstarter thing’ as a side project. We ended up launched a stylus company, Adonit, on Kickstarter and grew it to a company with over 150 people and with revenue over $25 million a year. Fun fact: three of the five Adonit cofounders now work at Motiv.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis at Motiv?

Herd cats…just kidding. Broadly I make sure all the different parts are moving in the same direction to provide the best user experience possible. That means knowing what’s happening with engineering, customer service, marketing, manufacturing, and so on. It all funnels back to the experience that the user has every day. I move from the 10,000 ft view our customer experience down to the minute details of the product. That means I’m running user research, looking at data in app analytics, writing product surveys, collaborating design and functionality…you name it.

What’s your favorite part about working at Motiv?

The people. It’s days like the first time we went and played basketball that are the most fun. It didn’t matter if you were a serious player or had never picked up a ball, everyone was laughing and had the best day. Secondly is the category-unique perspective Motiv takes on wearables. It’s small, discreet and blends into our lives in a meaningful way.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you at Motiv?

The strangest thing is finding out that I had met Helen (Motiv’s Project Manager) at a wedding in Bali before she started at Motiv. Safe to say I was a little inebriated, but I didn’t realize I had met her until I told my wife that she had just started working at Motiv.

What’s your favorite Motiv Ring feature?

Besides it being so small and subtle, the fact that it’s waterproof. That’s the single thing that allows the user to forget that it’s on their finger. It’s no longer a thing you have to care for. You wear it continuously and it gives you a view into your health without effort.

That’s it! Next week we’ll introduce you to Peter, our fearless cofounder leading the electrical engineering team. Got any questions for Kris? Ask us on Facebook or Twitter.