October 23, 2017

We’re thrilled to hear our early users are loving the less obstructive and more stylish Motiv Ring form factor. As you get to know your Motiv Ring and app, here are some questions we’ve been getting that we wanted to share to help maximize your Motiv experience.

How does Motiv measure calories?

One of the metrics that your Motiv Ring tracks is your calories burned. Your calorie count is affected by activity type, workout intensity, height, age, weight and gender. Motiv Ring calculates  calories burned in two main ways: (1) using your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) and (2) during your activities.

We calculate your BMR using details in your app profile, like height and age. BMR is calculated 24/7, even while you sleep, which is why you may see calories even when you just woke up or even before you pair your ring.

The second way Motiv calculates calories is during your activities. Each activity type has a specific MET (metabolic equivalents) score and will result in a different calorie count for the same duration and intensity level as other types of activities. To get the most accurate calorie count, please make sure your weight is accurate in your app profile.

How does syncing work?

Using the latest Bluetooth technology, Motiv Ring syncs with your phone periodically in the background with minimal impact on both your phone’s, and the ring’s, battery.

At the top of your Daily Feed under the day or date you’ll see a sync icon with a time statement such as “3 minutes ago.” This tells you the last time your ring completely synced. This time will automatically update as your ring syncs over time.

You can also manually sync your ring by holding your finger horizontally while rotating the ring around your finger slowly and smoothly. Your LED will flash blue when your ring starts to sync.

Motiv Ring will store up to two days’ worth of data in its memory. This means that you can leave your phone behind for a couple days and not have to worry about your data. Once you’re near your phone again, you can either manually sync the ring or wait for it to sync automatically.

What do I do with my sizing set after I’m finished with it?

Share your sizing set and your lucky friend will get $20 off a Motiv Ring!

Your Motiv Ring Sizing Set can be shared with friends and family to help them find their size. Plus they get a $20 discount off their purchase without having to wait for another sizing set to come in the mail.

They can simply visit https://mymotiv.com/go and enter the Redemption Code shown on your sizing set. A single sizing set can be shared any number of times but the $20 discount is applied only once.

How do I see my heart rate data?

You can see your heart rate when you get an Activity Card. You can also add any activity to see data for that time period. When you are adding an activity, you can also see your heart rate and steps data throughout the day.

When will the Motiv Android app be available?

While we’re currently available only on iOS, Android is on our roadmap and is a definite priority. Unfortunately we can’t yet confirm a specific timeline on our Android release date, but we do want to manage your expectations and confirm that we cannot commit to a release this calendar year at this time.

Contact Support with any questions you may have – we’d love to help. We also always love to hear about your Motiv experience via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.