February 15, 2018

Warning: this post contains information relating to sexual activity.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which means it’s a perfect time to talk about sex! Motiv Ring gives users the ability to log specific activities, which, in addition to things like walking, running, and yoga, includes sexual activity.

We looked at the anonymous data from December and January of Motiv Ring users from when they reported they were active between the sheets and found some eye-opening numbers, some of which we’ve outlined below.

Some States Are Having More Sex Than Others
Motiv Ring users across the country logged sexual activity. Across all of the users who said they were doing the deed in the last two months, California, Texas, Florida, and New York were logging the most sex. This data lines up with a 2017 study by Durex, which found that of the 50 states, California and Texas were the most sexually active.

But that’s not the whole story. Looking at the average number of “sessions” logged per user, it actually turns out that users in Montana, Maine, and Missouri took the top positions when it came to sex per person. That might sound counterintuitive, but it turns out that Maine and Montana have some of the highest number of citizens purchasing sex toys, according to Adam and Eve.


Some States Are Having Sex for Longer – And It’s Not the Ones You Might Think!

Motiv Ring users also anonymously logged how long their sex sessions were, and the results were very different. When it comes to who lasts the longest, Minnesota, Michigan, and New Jersey appeared to really go the distance.

Motiv users on average spent about 32 minutes in the act each time. That’s pretty impressive, considering that the international average is barely above 15 minutes.

Sex Lasted Longer Depending on Age

When it came to duration, it appeared as though age was a factor. On average, Motiv users above the age of 35 reported that the average duration of their sex sessions was about 20 minutes. Users 35 years old or younger reported that they were spending 37 minutes getting busy each time. Of course, that could be as much about time management as about desire.

But with their Motiv Rings, our users are empowered with data to assess and prioritize which activities are truly “worth their time.”

Some Users Prefer A Nightcap, Some Enjoy the Afternoon Delight

There were also some stark differences as to when people were having sex. States like Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, and New Hampshire were knocking boots in the evening, logging sexual activity between the hours of 10pm and 11pm.

Users in Oregon and Idaho appeared to be getting busy mostly in the afternoon, whereas users in Alabama and New Mexico preferred the morning grind.

Looking at all the user data, it’s obvious that the sexual preferences of our users are as diverse as the users themselves, with different users finding satisfaction in many different ways. Sex has innumerable health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress, and we’re thrilled that Motiv Ring users are leveraging our technology to keep living better.


Disclaimer: The statistics in this article are representative of anonymous user data. Motiv Ring does not passively collect data on the sexual activity of any specific person. Motiv employees cannot access the data of any specific user unless they have received a specific request from that person.