December 6, 2017

With our promise, we continue to make the Motiv Ring experience better by releasing new features and functionality through free app and firmware updates.

We heard that you’d like to see greater detail around your last night’s sleep – introducing, Sleep Restlessness.

Sleep Tracker

Periods of movement and position change while sleeping will now display as restlessness within your Sleep Detail Card. The thicker the red line, the longer the period of restlessness, and the darker the shade of red, the more intense the movement. You’ll also see your percentage of restful sleep and total minutes of restlessness.

Some movement during sleep is natural. It’s normal to be restless at times during the night. We recommend that you compare your own data over time to see if changes in your daily life affect your sleep. If you experience a significant amount of restlessness on a continuous basis, or if you notice you’re feeling poorly rested every day, you may want to look into ways to improve your sleep.

We also heard from users that you’d like access to more heart rate data – introducing, Last Heart Rate. You can now see your last recorded heart rate value as well as the time it was captured.

Motiv Ring checks your heart rate periodically throughout the day and continuously when it detects a sustained elevated heart rate or step count. The app now displays the last HR value that was recorded prior to your most recent sync and the time that recording took place. To capture and see your recent HR value, simply sync.

Finally, we also heard that you’d like to see more in-depth health information in the app. You can now learn more by tapping information icons throughout the app, starting with education about sleep, activity, resting heart rate and goals.

We appreciate user feedback and have more upgrades planned to bring new features and more detailed data to make your Motiv Ring experience even better. We will continue to release new features and functionality regularly through free app and over-the-air, wireless firmware updates.

To update your Motiv Ring app, download the new app from the App Store and log in to your account.

If you don’t see the app update available in the App Store, please try again the following day, as it can take up to several days for updates to become available in the App Store. Once you’ve updated your app to version 1.2, you’ll see the restlessness feature in subsequent Sleep Detail Cards.

For any questions on how to update your app, and/or any questions about these new features, visit our FAQ or contact our support team for 24/7 help.

Watch this space and follow us on social for updates on new features as we work to make your Motiv Ring experience even better. Have an idea for a new feature? Share your wishlist with us – we love to hear from you!