February 22, 2017

We’re going behind the scenes to introduce you to some of the key players helping bring Motiv Ring to life. We’re kicking it off with our Director of Exercise Physiology, Patrick Maher. He’s our trusted expert when it comes to data collection, testing and all things health and fitness. You’ll see him in our product videos as our go-to guy for answers, but he does so much more behind the scenes to ensure you’re getting the best Motiv experience possible. If there’s one person deservant of the nickname “Coach,” it’s Patrick. Not only is he a star when it comes to product development but also in getting the Motiv team in shape!

What did you do before joining Motiv?

I’ve helped people achieve their health and fitness goals over the past 15 years, from training athletes to developing corporate wellness programs. Combined with my background in nutrition and physiology, and my research on the effects of sleep on athletic performance, as well as wearable technology development and validation, I was well prepared for this role. Joining the Motiv team allowed me to take all the things I liked from my previous roles and combine them into one.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis at Motiv?

There’s not really a typical day at Motiv for me, and that’s how I like it. Some days are spent collecting lots of data, others are spent planning how to use that data. My previous experience validating wearable technology and conducting physiological testing helped me develop extensive tests for the Motiv Ring, ensuring the data we use is as accurate as possible. This means getting all of our Motiv employees on a bike or treadmill and strapping a chest strap on them to compare against our heart rate data and a foot pod to compare against our step data. I also helped structure the Motiv app, specifically with a strong focus on active minutes, resting heart rate and sleep trends. My goal is to make the data we present as easy to understand and actionable as possible.

What’s your favorite part about working at Motiv?

Getting outside to test the ring! A healthy lifestyle is very important to me, so working at a company that reflects that is huge. In addition to our data collection sessions in the office, I started Motiv office workouts in an effort to boost productivity and energy in the office. Every day for 30 minutes, I lead quick workouts for the Motiv team. This could be anything from a jog through the neighborhood to a circuit at a nearby park. Being able to start something like that with the full support of my team is rewarding and important.

What’s your favorite Motiv Ring feature?

Sleep tracking, for sure. As a new dad with two kids, let’s just say tracking my sleep patterns over the past few years has been…interesting. I spent a lot of time thinking about our sleep algorithm while trying to rock a baby back to sleep. I’ve also worn every fitness tracker out there and even tried sleeping with a chest strap, so I appreciate the comfort and wearability of wearing Motiv Ring to bed. Other sleep trackers can provide an overwhelming amount of data, but the truth is, it’s often just about getting enough sleep. Since you can’t necessarily control what time you wake up – but you can control what time you go to bed – we focus on encouraging a consistent bedtime and providing data that’s actionable.

And that’s a wrap! Next week we’ll introduce you to Kris, the one taking all of Patrick’s expertise and plugging it into the Motiv App. Got any questions for Patrick? Ask us on Facebook or Twitter.