January 8, 2018

It’s that time of year again – the holiday tinsel is coming down and we are all looking forward to setting our intentions and achieving success in the coming year. Nearly half of all Americans set new goals for themselves in January, with the most common goals for living healthier and staying active.

However, almost a third of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions by the first week of February. In order to help you follow through with your goals in 2018, we’ve got a few helpful tips:

Maintain Positive Thinking and Be Realistic

First and foremost, a good attitude is going to be one of the most useful tools in achieving success in 2018, so bring your intentions to life by thinking actionably about how you will meet your ambitions. Studies show that thinking through your stumbling blocks is more likely to help you achieve your goals.

Take a look into the WOOP method which is a proven system for building a good strategy that helps you define your Wishes, Outcomes, Obstacles, and Plans. 

Make Your Goals Measurable

You may also better achieve your goals by defining milestones that will help you track your progress, a great feature in the Motiv app. If you aim to be more active, you can set your weekly goal for Active Minutes and daily track your progress. Want to get more rest? The Motiv app can also track your sleep throughout the week as you try out new sleep hygiene techniques.

You also might want to try out the SMART method for setting your goals for the new year. Their system emphasizes making goals specific and measurable to help you maintain success.

Have Your Goals Already? Share Them with Our Community!

Whether it’s setting a serious fitness goal or simply living a healthier lifestyle, Motiv Ring users have shared their ambitions for the New Year and we’ve made it our goal for 2018 to provide them with great features to help them find success!

Here are some of the 2018 goals Motiv Ring users have shared with us:

Training for another half marathon”

– Elaine M, Facebook


“Simple goal: make every month healthier than the previous!”

– Thiago Takahashi, Instagram


“Keep my @Motiv ring charged and on my finger! #HNY2018”

– Gloria Miele, Ph.D., Twitter

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