November 22, 2017

This holiday season, give the gift of fitness. Whether you’re shopping for a tech fanatic or an active fashionista, your special someone is going to love getting a Motiv Ring – and that you want to help them keep living better.

Get them the first wearable they’ll actually want to wear

Not all activity trackers are created equal. Don’t gift a hunk of rubber. They’ll appreciate getting all the capabilities of a wrist-based tracker in a subtle yet sophisticated design that doesn’t clash with their style.

Get them the wearable that lets them still rock their favorite wristwear

They’re going to love getting the fitness tracker that doesn’t force them to give up their wristwatches.

“Entering the activity/sleep tracker ring era, wrist is free for analog watch again!”
– @simplysandyme, Twitter

“I like the fact that the ring doesn’t take up valuable wrist real estate. I happen to like nice watches and don’t always want to wear my Apple Watch, but I still want activity tracking.”

David N., Facebook

The perfect fit, no guesswork required

Giving Motiv as a gift is easy. With the customized Motiv sizing set process, your giftees get to select their own choice in size and color.

To send a Motiv Ring to someone as a gift, just select the gift option during checkout. You can also add a personalized message to the recipient. Or, if you would like to keep it a surprise, leave the gift email address blank and we won’t notify your recipient. Your secret’s safe with us!

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