April 2, 2018

Our mission at Motiv is to constantly strive to improve the experiences of our users, and, in that pursuit, we are thrilled to make four major announcements about Motiv Ring today!

Android Open Beta Launch

Motiv Ring will now be available to Android OS users as part of an Open Beta program that will allow users with select Android phones to purchase Motiv Rings. The app will not have all of the features currently available to iOS users but we will be adding more features throughout the year.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Motiv Ring is now integrated with Amazon Alexa. Motiv users can now ask Alexa about their personal status and performance through Alexa-enabled devices.  Motiv Ring users will now be able to say, “Alexa, Ask Motiv Ring”, followed by what you are asking for, such as ‘what is my heart rate’ or ‘when did my ring last sync’ to access their data from the Motiv App.

Amazon Marketplace Availability

Motiv Ring ring will now be available for purchase on Amazon in addition to our website. You will be able to use your Amazon account to purchase a Motiv Ring.

To order a Motiv Ring on Amazon, click here.

b8ta Retail Partnership

Motiv will also be partnering with b8ta, a retail chain that allows shoppers to see the latest and greatest technology first hand. Motiv Rings will be on display and be available for purchase in nine different locations across the United States, including stores in New York City, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Corte Madera, Santa Monica, Seattle, Austin, and Houston.

What other updates or upgrades would you like to see from Motiv? Let us know on our website, or share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.