January 9, 2017

Motiv Ring Unveiled at CES, Wins 2017 Innovation Award

It’s only been a few days, Motiv Ring Activity + Sleep Tracker has already captured a lot of excitement for its small form factor and elegant design. After revealing Motiv Ring at CES, we’re proud to be named the winner of the CES 2017 “Best of Innovation in Wearable Technologies” award. The annual CES Innovation Awards celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products.

With Motiv Ring, we didn’t just invent another tracking device. We re-engineered the way we look at health and fitness tracking. Our team didn’t stop until form and function worked effortlessly together for a better tracking experience all around. It’s the first wearable meant to be worn continuously throughout the day and night – at the gym, in the shower, and while asleep – for a truly complete view of your activity and sleep. We can’t wait for the next phase of Motiv Ring: our customers getting to experience wearing it every day.

Early Praise for Motiv Ring

“Packs everything you need into one small package” – CNN Money

“The best wearable tech of CES 2017” – Stuff Magazine, CES 2017 Wearable Tech Award Winner

“The one smart ring to rule them all.” – PC Mag, The Best of CES 2017

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