April 28, 2017

Hi Motiv Beta Users,

You should have received a Motiv app update email today via Testflight. If you have not done so already, please update your Motiv app in Testflight

This latest release of the Motiv App includes increased stability and speed to enhance your experience, but it also bring two big updates, which are both areas we have received a lot of feedback on from you. We ask that you check these out and send us some “shake-n-bake” feedback via the app.

We want to motivate you. That’s why we are changing the messaging in our app to not only celebrate what you’ve done but also to keep you looking forward to the next opportunity to benefit your health.

We are committed to providing you data as accurately as possible – and our calorie calculation is no different. We’ve improved how we harness the data from your activities to better estimate your caloric burn around the clock. You should see your daily and activity calorie counts drop. For increased precision, log your activities.

Don’t forget to send us feedback on these updates and anything else you’d like to see improved. As always – thank you for helping us make the Motiv Ring experience as awesome as possible!