January 3, 2017

You’re in the market for a new fitness tracker, so why choose Motiv Ring over the competition? The short answer – it’s a ring, and that comes with advantages over other wrist-based trackers.

For years now, people who wear fitness trackers have made big sacrifices. They’ve traded style for function, comfort for a few hours of data-heavy insights and metrics. The tracker you’re wearing should be beautiful to look at, help you live better, and give you a complete and holistic view of your health. And, it needs to motivate you to keep using it.

Research continues to show us that people want insights they get from fitness trackers. But they need a tracker they can commit to wearing all the time. From comfort, to durability and style, it should fit seamlessly into your life. Motiv’s approach to designing a fitness tracker was always about building a ring you never want to take off. Imagine capturing the times you’re playing with the kids at the park to dancing at a concert, and everything in between.

We know you’ll keep wearing your tracker if you can wear it to your cousin’s wedding, if the battery stays charged during your three-day camping trip, and if its displays aren’t keeping your partner up at night. A small, beautiful ring does all of these things and more.

For the first time you’ll have continuous data because Motiv Ring is always on. We focus on identifying the active minutes in your day and week that make you better and give you sleep insights to help you compare how you feel against a visual of how you slept. So you’re smarter and get the knowledge you need to live better.

We believe if you pledge to wear a device day and night, week after week, you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort. Motiv Ring is designed to look great and withstand the elements, empowering you to wear it around the clock and capture a more balanced view of your lifestyle.