April 5, 2017

Through our extensive Motiv Beta Program, we’ve gotten tons of valuable feedback from a wide range of people, from new moms to tech geeks, and everyone in between. We get to hear all about their experience with Motiv Ring on a regular basis and wanted to share some of their stories with you. Check out what some of our beta testers have to say about Motiv Ring.

“I never purchased a Fitbit or Apple watch since I have a thing about stuff on my wrist. I had a bunch of IV’s as a kid and it makes me feel funny putting something on my wrist. This is why I never wear a watch either. So I like that this fits on my finger, nice work! Much more comfortable!” – Brian

“I was extremely fit in my youth and into my 20’s. Back then I could run 12 miles at about a 6:20 mile pace, and my fastest mile was 4:30. Twenty-five years later, I have moved past the days of competing and simply want to lose the forty pounds I gained in the meantime. The answer is to stay healthy all your life, and that means eating healthy and exercising. And that is what I appreciate about the Motiv Ring. It tracks how much activity I do. When I go running, I like how it automatically tracks my active minutes. I don’t have to fiddle with getting my watch synced with satellites (Waiting for 5 minutes in sub-zero for a watch to sync with satellites is miserable). Best of all I love the heart rate monitor. I have been especially delighted with it telling me what my resting heart-rate was at night (51 bpm). Something I have always wanted to know.” – Chris

“I love how completely invisible the ring is– I have gotten accustomed to wearing it all the time, and notice it’s absence even when on the charger. People often ask about it, thinking it’s a fashion ring instead of a wearable device. I use the ring to help me correlate my sleep patterns with my daily mood, and be able to see trends over time” – Andrew

“I have had a good experience with the ring so far. I love how it tracks both activity and sleep! Great to log my activities to keep me motivated. I would recommend it to those seeing a work out/activity monitor and motivator!” – Joe

“As an engineer, I have been impressed with the form and function of this sleek fitness tracker. The ring has such a low profile (and elegant design) that I almost never take it off!” – Amy

“I like that I can wear the ring with my Garmin watch. I like using my watch to track trail runs and hikes, but can’t sleep with it on because it’s too bulky. With the ring I like being able to track my sleep data every night, and especially like seeing my resting heart rate and how it changes over time. Also, when my watch broke it left me with a gnarly tan line – something that isn’t an issue with a ring.” – Ronny

“Everyone who finds out this is an activity tracker is blown away. Usually they just ask about the ring without knowing. No one can believe that there’s a heartrate monitor and whatever counts the steps and bluetooth and a battery in it. I don’t like to wear anything on my wrists at work. I type a fair amount, and watches or bracelets are annoying. With the Motiv ring, I don’t have to remember to put a tracker back on when I leave my desk. Similarly, it feels weird to wear a bracelet or watch to bed. But I like knowing about my sleep, not just the length of time I was asleep but also being able to see if I woke up during the night, and my true resting heartrate. The form factor really makes a difference for sleeping. It’s possible to forget you’re wearing a ring in a way that I never have with something on my wrist.” – Ben

Thanks to our amazing beta testers for all the feedback they continue to provide! Our beta program is currently closed. To read more about the substantial improvements we’re making as a result from beta tester feedback, check out our preorder update.