February 14, 2019

This Valentine’s Day we invited one of our customers to share his experience of proposing to his fiancé with a Motiv ring:

I first met Himadri exactly a year ago in Seattle. From the very moment we met, it felt so magical and stimulating that we talked and giggled the whole night away. If we were wearing Motiv Rings we would have seen our heart rates spike and not getting even an hour’s worth of sleep. Since then, it’s been a magical and romantic journey with each other. From San Francisco to Chicago, we always found a way to exponentially grow our relationship and we never let the distance come between us. Our love is like combining two chemicals that react to create something entirely different and new. Even combining our names together, Sagar & Himadri, forms ‘SaHim’ meaning “partner” in Hindi.

Himadri already tracked her activities and sleep with a wristband and she also loved wearing rings. I just knew Motiv would make the perfect engagement ring with both style and meaning. So I got down on one knee and told her she was my motiv in life. I told her that with every ‘heartbeat’ and with every ‘sleeping dream’, I will be with her ‘every step’ of the way. The Motiv Ring perfectly captures this promise, and she said “YES!”