March 1, 2017

We checked in to see why people couldn’t wait to experience Motiv Ring. Check out the top reasons people ordered.

1. They love their watches. Thanks to Motiv Ring, your wrist can have its watch back, and you can still get the fitness and sleep data you need.

“I love wearing watches and not able to when I am wearing a traditional tracker. Love the ability to always have my fitness data collecting, even when dressed nice.”

– Stefan Alsop, Facebook.


“Can’t wait for my ring. I ordered because I love watches and they are my main jewelry statement and I just won’t sacrifice wearing a watch for a fitness band.”

– @amiclvrt, Instagram

2. They hate wearing something on their wrists. For those who hate watches, bracelets, or anything else that goes on the wrist, it was slim pickings when it comes to finding a fitness tracker…’til now.

” The ring makes me feel safer than wearing a watch, more comfortable too. Also great replacement for our wedding rings since our anniversary is coming.”

– @azulgares, Instagram


“I don’t like to wear watches or things on my arm, but I love fitness and needed something that would work for me.”

– Phil Schroder, Facebook

3. They need waterproofing “like whoa.” Showers, pools, oceans, bring it on. Motiv Ring is waterproof up to 5 ATM, aka 160 feet deep.

“Yes! Because how could you not? That is a brilliant innovation. I’m ready to remove the bulky tracker and get moving. Also. I’m an Oregonian. We need waterproofing like whoa.”

– @simplyelena, Instagram


“I hate to wear a watch in the summer but still want to track my activity. Also Motiv ring is waterproof and I can wear it in the pool.”

– Sharon Pistachio, Facebook

4. They love the form factor. We worked hard to fit a lot of tech into a very small space. We’re talking negotiation over tenths of a millimeter, all to make Motiv Ring as slim as possible.

“I didn’t like the bulky wrist trackers and I’m looking forward to tracking all my exercise, can’t wait for mine to come.”

– Carole Flynn – Korupp, Facebook


“Very simple: I ordered my Motiv Ring for its form, its function, its beauty. Can’t wait!”

– Jolanta Szcerba, Facebook

5. It’s incognito. You don’t need to announce it to the world if you’re trying to get back in shape. No neon colors or rubber bands means it’s subtle, refined, and goes with everything.

“I ordered because a big fitness tracker bracelet screams look at me, look at me. I am interested in tracking for myself and the battery life indicates I don’t have to worry about charging it every day! Can’t wait to get mine. I ordered in January.”

– Jeff Koch, Facebook


“ I love the idea of a smaller less noticeable bio-tracker.”

– Thomas Temple, Facebook

6. You can truly keep it on. Motiv Ring goes to the pool, to the office, to date night, and to bed, meaning you can keep it on and get an view of your whole day – not just your gym workout.

“I don’t wear a wrist watch or carry my phone everywhere. I want to track my activity and rest in a form that I will wear 24/7”

– Jodie Ausmus, Facebook


“Style and convenience. I have a Garmin and a Fitbit. Neither I wear all the time. The Motiv Ring will be worn daily”

 – @DavidGoularte, Twitter

7. It’s durable. Motiv Ring is encased in titanium, making it durable and long-lasting.

“My previous tracker falls apart every year and started giving me a rash.”

– Brandon S Masten, Facebook

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