January 30, 2017

Over the weekend our team was at the Worlds Fair Nano in San Francisco showcasing Motiv Ring. We loved talking to all the tech enthusiasts and gadget gurus. But more than anything our conversations confirmed some pretty big reasons why people are willing to ditch their clunky, rubber band fitness trackers. Here are the top three things we heard.

1. It’s not a wristband

As it turns out, lots of people really don’t like wearing something on their wrist. And if they do, they prefer it to be a nice watch or a piece of jewelry. Wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist used to be the only option. But we’re finding that people are excited about freeing their wrist and tracking the same data from a device that’s 1/10th of the size, a fraction of the weight, and truly fashionable. 


2. Up to five days of battery life

Despite how small Motiv Ring is, we were able to pack up to five days of battery life in one ring. For you super active users, this might be more like three or four days. We’ve optimized the tech to capture your whole day and night at a high level. But we can also determine the parts of your day where you’d want to see the detailed data, and let you zoom in.


3. It’s waterproof and durable

We heard a lot of sad stories about trackers that died in the shower or in the rain. With Motiv Ring that won’t be an issue. Waterproof up to 5ATM, or 160 feet, means you can take it for a swim and not have to worry about a thing. On top of that, the ultralight titanium outer shell makes it durable and tough enough to wear at the gym and in everyday life.