January 12, 2018

Motiv Ring debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017. A year later, we’ve begun shipping rings, have thousands of active users nationwide, and are now making strides to upgrade app capability and functionality, making it even more social, insightful and intuitive.

Here’s how we’re improving the Motiv Ring experience.

Recent Motiv Ring Feature Releases

Sleep Restlessness:

More insight into what goes on after your head hits the pillow. Periods of movement and position change while sleeping now display as restlessness within your Sleep Detail Card. The thicker the red line, the longer the period of restlessness, and the darker the shade of red, the more intense the movement. You’ll also see your total minutes of restlessness.

Last Heart Rate:

You can now see your last recorded heart rate value as well as when it was captured.

Motiv Ring checks your heart rate periodically throughout the day and continuously when detecting sustained elevated heart rate or step count. The app now displays the last heart rate value that was recorded prior to your most recent sync and when that record took place. To capture your most recent heart rate value, simply sync.

Motiv Ring Feature Releases in Early 2018


Capture your Active Minutes and activities in a more thorough way. We discovered users want to more accurately track and capture Active Minutes themselves, and learn about their activity on the fly. What better way to accomplish this than to hit “go” yourself? This recording feature allows you to better understand the threshold in earning Active Minutes. It enables the ability to – mid-workout – adjust your intensity, activity level and speed so you hit your daily and weekly goals.

3rd party app integration:

Far and away, the most requested ask was an integration with Apple Health and other health-minded and fitness apps. This opens up a world of activity — allowing you to export step-based activities, use Apple’s Health app to congregate all of your fitness information, and read your wellness information in new ways and interfaces.

Social Sharing:

We share important moments of our lives all day long. You’ll be able to share your Motiv achievements to your social networks straight from the app. Celebrate Active Minutes earned, milestones achieved, and inspire your friends and family to join you in our healthy, active community.

And coming in the first half of 2018…


While we’re solely iOS right now, we’re working hard to change it. Android users will benefit from our iOS learnings and firmware improvements, as the Android app experience will include all of the firmware updates we’ve rolled out since launch.