I'm not seeing heart rate data

Updated 5 months ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

The optical heart rate sensor in Motiv Ring is an industry standard in the wearable market, but Motiv is the first company to put that sensor in a ring. This sensor utilizes a green LED – a color we chose to optimize the signal quality of that sensor – and travels to the capillary level of your finger. The powerful light-sensing photodiodes are located on either side of the LED and detect the amount of light reflected back to determine your pulse.

We optimized our system to sample heart rate when it matters most, in order to maximize battery life. When we sense step activity, the heart rate sensor activates. For all those times you’re not generating steps, we check your heart rate every few minutes and if we detect that your heart rate is elevated, we engage the sensor to track continuously those times you are active.

While Motiv Ring is great at tracking step-based activities, certain exercises don’t lend themselves to reliable heart rate readings. Here are some of the factors that can affect the accuracy of your heart rate data and the things you can do to get the best readings

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