Navigating the Motiv App

Updated 3 weeks ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

When you open the Motiv App, you will see your current day’s view. In the morning you’ll see your Sleep Card and Resting Heart Rate Card, and Activity Cards will appear throughout your day as you earn them. Tapping on the date at the top of the screen will always return you to the current day. You can navigate to past days by swiping left and can navigate forward by swiping right.

Tap on the icon on the top right hand corner to see all your Active Minutes for that week. You can swipe left or right to see different weeks or tap any day to jump to that day's Daily Feed.

You can now learn more by clicking on the “i” button throughout the app, starting with additional information about sleep, activity, resting heart rate and goals.

Motiv Ring checks your heart rate periodically throughout the day and checks it continuously when a sustained elevated heart rate or step count is detected. The app also displays the last HR value that was recorded prior to your most recent sync and the time that recording took place. To see if a more recent HR value has been captured, simply sync.

At the top of your Daily Feed under the day or date you’ll see a sync icon with a time statement such as “3 minutes ago.” This tells you the last time your ring completely synced. Your ring will sync in the background, but as a reminder, you can also manually sync your data by holding your finger horizontally and twisting the ring slowly.

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