Adding an activity

Updated 3 weeks ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

To ensure you always get credit for your efforts, like for activities like yoga or a gym workout, that are difficult to detect, adding and editing activities is easy. We auto-detect step-based activities like running and walking, and we look to identify other times in your day when you’re earning Active Minutes. For activities that aren’t as easy to detect, you might see a “Were you active?” card that will automatically be filled with duration and intensity based on data collected, which you can edit, confirm or dismiss. To add an activity that wasn’t auto-detected, use the (+) button. Use the visual editor to drag the start and end times, or double- tap to move the selector to a different time. To help you log accurately you’ll see any heart rate and step data collected throughout the day. The 'Effort' slider is set to 100% by default, and influences the number of Active Minutes earned and calories burned.  You can now learn more by clicking on the “i” button throughout the app, starting with additional information about sleep, activity, resting heart rate and goals.

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