Sleep restlessness

Updated 3 months ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

Available for Motiv App version 1.2 and later.

Your sleep detail card will show you more information including restlessness for each sleep event.

Periods when you move and change your position while sleeping will now be displayed as restlessness within your Sleep Detail Card. The thicker the red line, the longer the period of restlessness, and the darker the shade of red, the more intense the movement.

When your Motiv Ring indicates that you are moving so much that restful sleep would not be possible, your sleep graph will indicate that you were awake. 

You will also see a sum of the total time you were restless, as well as the percentage of restful sleep you got, in each sleep card.

Sleep_DetailScreen.pngSLEEP_Tips03 (1).png

If you don’t see the app update available in the App Store, please try again the following day, as it can take up to several days for updates to become available in the App Store. Once you’ve updated your app, you’ll see the restlessness feature in subsequent Sleep Detail Cards.  You will need to update your firmware to version 27. 

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