Motiv Ring and Apple Health

Updated 1 week ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

Starting with iOS app version 1.4, The Motiv App for iOS will now give you the ability to export your data to the Apple Health app. You will be able to export data on your step and heart rate from the Motiv App, aggregate your fitness information in the Health app and view it in new and different interfaces, including both a graph of your heart rate all day as well as steps over time.

To start exporting your data to Apple Health, tap the prompt to 'sync with Apple Health in the Motiv App to get started.

To push new heart rate and steps data to Apple Health, make sure the Motiv App is in the foreground and sync, either manually or by placing it on the charger.

Active Minutes is not a metric that Apple Health supports, so Motiv Ring Active Minutes will continue to be available only through the Motiv App. We do plan on making additional data points available in Apple Health.  We also plan to integrate sleep start and sleep stop times with Apple Health as a top priority in the near future.

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