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Our Story

It all started with an idea for a small and lightweight fitness tracker that could make your life better. Our founders Curt von Badinski, Peter Twiss, Mike Strasser and Eric Strasser, realized that, as a team, we could bring Motiv Ring to life. Soon after, Motiv was officially born, a company driven by the mission to make simple devices people use to keep living better.

Our Values


We are passionate product people who take pride in what we ship. Everything we do is with a deep understanding of its impact on the customer.


We are a cross disciplinary band of experts. Together or apart, our vision bonds us together as we move independently towards a common goal.


We are bold in taking calculated risks. No matter the difficulty we band together and persevere.

Forward-thinking, passionate, experienced

Our management team is led by CEO Tejash Unadkat, whose experience spans both engineering and product management for innovative brands like August Home, BASIS Science, Adobe, and Paypal. Our other management team members’ backgrounds include companies like Apple, IDEO, Cisco, JPL, Intel Fitbit, and Square.

Innovative, accomplished, design driven.

Our experienced team’s background runs deep in design, technology and science. We have created everything from products you already use every day to advancements that have taken us far into the reaches of space.

  • 179 11th Street
  • San Francisco, CA. 94103 USA
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Do you share our passion for building amazing products and experiences? Join our team in our creative and casual San Francisco office.
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