Motiv Ring

Effortlessly track activity, heart rate, and sleep

The wearable experience you want

Change the way you track activity and sleep. Waterproof, comfortable, and up to five days of battery life. Wear it continuously for a more complete view of your day and night.

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Slim Design
8mm x 2.5mm

Two Colors
Rose Gold
Slate Gray

Wear it out

Titanium Shell

Up to 5 ATM

Get it wet

“Motiv is absolutely disrupting the wearables space, and fast.”

“A mini Fitbit for your finger.”

“Crammed a full fitness tracker into a ring.”

“Everything you could hope for in a fitness tracker”


Active minutes, not empty steps

All steps aren’t created equal. Science says you need to get your heart rate up to positively impact your health. Motiv tracks the active minutes experts say you need.

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Proven health benefits

Hitting your weekly active minutes goals produces real benefits for your health. Staying active makes you less likely to develop many chronic diseases and have a healthier body and mood.

Stay motivated

Every day is different. Miss a workout? No problem. Motiv automatically adjusts your daily targets based on your week so far – so you keep pushing yourself to achieve your weekly goals.

Comfortably monitor sleep

Leave it on. With a ring this lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it, so monitoring your sleep throughout the night is effortless.

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Finally, a wearable
you can truly keep on

Why active minutes?

For substantial health benefits, adults need at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services